More Than Enough

Good morning, folks! I told myself I would write a new post first thing this morning. Mind you that was for Friday morning. Well guess what, it's Saturday morning - 1:11am - and I am posting this now. I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday! Anywho, let's dig in.

I grabbed a Thesaurus and looked up a few synonyms for the phrase 'more than enough':

  • excess
  • overflow
  • plethora
  • surplus 

We've all heard that phrase before, I'm sure. Both secular and Christian views have kind of taken it a step further to say 'you are... more than enough.' The secular view is you are enough, on your own. That you don't really need any help, you are your own hero. Those statements are usually slipped into positive affirmations that someone would repeat to themselves in the mirror. While that is all fine and dandy to think/do, it's actually not enough. The truth is, we are not enough in our own strength. We do need help. Yes there are plenty of therapists out there and book stores full of books that help look at the positives in life, but those resources alone do not last forever. Notice I said those resources alone. I am all for therapy and self-help books, as I've personally experienced both of those things. However, there is not enough therapy or mental positivity or medicine or whatever else to get us through this life. We have, and are, more than enough in Christ Alone.

On the flip-side, Christian views are about having/being more than enough in Jesus. He is the Ultimate Therapist. His Word is the greatest life-help book, if you will. He is our Hero. I'm going to be completely transparent here for a minute. As a 'newer' stay at home Mom, some days I wonder if my life even matters. "Keily how could you even think that? Are you mental?" My thoughts exactly. I know I'm not saying anything new here. If any of you are stay at home Moms or have ever even thought those thoughts, then you know full well what I mean. It's depressing. It's exhausting. It makes you feel crazy for even thinking things like that. But most of all, it's a flat out lie from the enemy. Who's the enemy here? None other than Satan himself. His prerogative is to seek, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) That's a whole topic for another time. What I want you to realize though is that you are enough, in Christ. Your life does matter because God made you for a reason. Today matters for eternity, whatever your days look like. In the season of life I am currently in, my 'todays' are for loving my husband well, caring for my two precious boys, loving others, and tending to our home. Most importantly, of course, is living for Jesus and trying to do my best every day to make Him known. 

My point to my blog today is that I am enough, and I have enough (and more), when I walk alongside Jesus. And friend, it can be the same for you! I'm not saying I haven't ever needed help at all aside from Jesus, because as I mentioned above I have sought out other people and books for some extra help. I'm not saying when I came back to the Lord that my life was instantly 'fixed' and everything has been great ever since. All I'm saying is when I did get back on track with Him, I feel like I am enough and I have all I could ever want and need. Friend, He can give you incredible strength to face your 'todays.' He will listen to you, with whatever you want to talk to Him about. You are more than enough, in Him. And that is what brings true joy and happiness. Let's pray!

Father God, thank You that we are more than enough in You. Thank You for listening to us more than anyone will, ever. Thank You for loving us, for providing for us, for caring for us. I pray Lord that You would bring help and comfort to those who might be feeling less than enough. Let them know Your purpose for their life. Help us to remember that You love us, and You are always with us. (Joshua 1:5) I pray blessings over those who read my blogs. I pray that I might bring encouragement. Thank you for all You do and all that You are. In Jesus Name,


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