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Bad Can Save Us From Worse

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I sure did! I'm thankful every day for all God has done for me and blessed me with, especially the ability to gather with family still. Anyway, let's chat! I have a personal experience story to share that is kind of scary. Maybe scary isn't the right word... awful is a good word too. You would think after such an awful event in my life, that I would remember exactly when it happened. To be honest I forget what year it was. I was probably around 14 years old so maybe 2004-2005? My great-aunt Debbie used to live in Florida. So, usually most summers my Mom, brother, and I would go down to visit for a week or so. My Dad didn't have the extra time off from work so he would unfortunately have to stay home while we went on vacation. I love Florida! I love the sun, the palm trees, the beaches, all of it. I know it's kind of a cliche vacation spot, but I loved going down to visit my aunt and uncle and cousin. At the ti

My Life Now

What do you know, it's been several weeks since I've posted something. I'm sorry friends! Life has been crazy.... and getting crazier if I'm being honest. But now, I have a moment to sit still with my thoughts and to write. So, hi again and let's talk! I keep bringing up my past, but it's important that I do so that I can show where I was, and where God has brought me. In my last serious relationship, I thought I had the best life. I thought wow I'm living with the man of my dreams (so I thought) and that we would get married and start a family and life would be so great. But, as the years came and went, I was still unmarried. By the grace of God, I had no children either. And I mean like, REALLY by the grace of God. Living with a boyfriend for almost 6 years, living in sexual sin, and not once did I become pregnant. Phew! Anyway, that was where I was. I was starting to think maybe I would just be in love with this guy forever and it would just be us two, th