He Is Faithful

I had every intention of coming on here and writing every day. Let's be real, as a Mom to a 4 year old and an 8 month old... that probably won't happen. So for that I am sorry! I highly doubt anyone is holding their breath for my next blog anyway, but if you are then fair warning! I probably won't be posting every day, at least for now. Ok, I got that out in the open. 

I like when someone says "picture this" and then they describe a scene or tell a story to me. Here is a funny visual for you. It's 9:54pm, and I am sitting here typing while eating a giant bowl of pasta that my husband made earlier. As a busy Mom, sometimes I honestly just forget to eat. Then later at night I think to myself "man I feel hungry, I should probably eat something before bed." Is a giant bowl of pasta a good thing to eat right before I sleep? Absolutely not. But, it's been a day so here we are. Let's chat!

I want to start this post by saying that God is so good. In every circumstance, in every season of life, all the time. Also that He hears us when we pray, and He answers us. The answers to our prayers might not be what we had in mind, but He answers nonetheless. And, He knows what we need. Even if the answer is "no," He is still good and always faithful, which is what I want to write about tonight. I have a couple personal examples of His faithfulness that I'd like to share.

My husband went to college, I did not. He graduated from a community college with an Assoc. Of Applied Science for Computer Science, and from the Art Institute of Cincinnati he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media and Animation. As you can imagine, his student loan was very, very hefty. Fast forward a few years later; he and I got married. We chose to have/share the same bank account so his debt was now mine, and vice versa. I don't know why we didn't really talk about our debts before we got married, but I was floored (to say the least) in hearing what his student loan debt was. I myself wasn't debt free, but his student loan that we had to pay on was significantly higher than what I was paying on. Thankfully, the monthly payments weren't too extreme, but I thought to myself "we'll be paying on this thing until the day we die... and then some." One day, there was an email sent out to the people who had used a certain credit company to repay student loans. The email stated this certain credit company was being sued, and should the case be won and people fill out a form they could possibly have some of their debt forgiven. My husband filled out the form, life went on. A few months later he got another email saying the case was won, and that all his student loan was being forgiven, on top of any payments he had made thus far towards the loan. Friends, I cannot even explain even to this day how thankful and overwhelmed we were/are from that situation. A few weeks before all that took place, we were praying that God would help us decide if I should be a stay at home Mom. We certainly could not afford daycare, and I hadn't found a trustworthy at-home sitter for our boys. So our only option at that point was for me to, unfortunately, leave my job and be home with our boys. Wouldn't you know, God in His great faithfulness towards us, gave us that huge blessing so that we didn't have to worry about living on one income for a while. That was absolutely no "coincidence," it was a direct answer to our prayers, and even more! That's my first story I wanted to share, here's one more.

I mentioned as part of my testimony in an earlier blog that I was dating a guy who I thought I would marry. We were together for almost 6 years, and lived together almost that whole time. When I was with him, we did not attend church. I actually had totally turned my back on God. Not that I became an atheist or anything, I just cut Him out of my life, so to speak. Although sometimes I would 'pray' that the guy I was with would propose so we could get married, etc. Obviously God's answer to that was a resounding "no." Towards the end of that relationship, I tried to come back to the Lord, and I tried taking that guy I was dating with me. We did actually end up going to a big mega-church a couple times. In the end though, and I'll never forget it, I told him I felt the Lord calling me back to Him and that we should listen and come to Jesus... together. He told me, and I quote, "you do your thing and I'll do mine and we'll see where that leads us." Soon after is when the Holy Spirit spoke directly to my soul that it was time I left that guy. I often wonder what my life would be like now, if I were still with him. Could you imagine? Let's say we did end up getting married and even having kids. I might've never heard the Lord speak to me, and I would've continued to be a lost soul. Give me chills just thinking about it! I need me some Jesus! 

Answered prayers and His faithfulness might not always look like the examples I shared from my life... but one thing is for sure, that He will do what He says He will do. He keeps His promises, friend! He knows what's best for us. Thinking back on specific times in my life, I thank God now that I did not get what I might've been praying for! I don't know what my future holds, but I know Who holds it. And let me tell you friend, a billion times over and over again, HE IS FAITHFUL! Let's pray:

Lord God, You are a good, good Father. You have proven time and time again of Your love and faithfulness. Thank You for all the many blessings You have given me, and the friends who are reading my blog now. I pray that You would hear us all, Father. Help us to know that You are and always will be in control, no matter the outcome of our prayers. Help us God to always reflect on what You have done for us through the years. Bring us through our trials and tribulations safely. Thank you for each person You put me in contact with, whether that's online or in person. Bless each one, Lord. In Jesus Name I pray,



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